Moneybagg Yo is living up to his name. 

During a conversation with TMZ, the rapper revealed that his show price has increased yet again. 

“It’s 200 (thousand),” Yo said.

Moneybagg’s popularity has jumped in recent months. His relationship with popular personality Ari Fletcher and hit singles like “Said Sum” and “Time Today” have turned him into a mainstream staple. After revealing that his starting show price was $2,500, Moneybagg tells TMZ that he’s looking to capitalize on his newfound popularity by continuing to increase his fee. 

“I think I can get up to 500 (thousand),” he continued. Moneybagg also told the publication that he’s not going to waste this money on depreciating assets. Instead, he intends to expand his real estate portfolio by purchasing a commercial building.

Moneybagg’s new price comes on the heels of his latest album, A Gangsta’s Pain. This project features acts like Future, Polo G, Lil Durk, and more. Yo even secured a beat and appearance from super-producer Pharrell. When asked about the collaboration by the Breakfast Club, Moneybagg explains that Pharell sought him out and that he didn’t even know the icon was a fan of his. 

“I’m thinking I’m through with the album. I’m wrapping it up, (Pharrell) reach out to my people and was like ‘How Bagg finna finish an album without Pharrell on it?’” Moneybagg Yo said. “It was laid out like sketch. I ain’t understand it at first. It sounded a little weird at first. But he was like, ‘This ain’t it. … When you rap on it, I’mma go around it.’ It’s art.”