In a series of tweets shared on Thursday, Metro Boomin showed support for Young Thug and Gunna amid their arrest alongside more than two dozen other YSL associates. 

Thug and Gunna were among 28 people charged in a 56-count indictment on Monday, which included criminal street gang activity and RICO charges. Federal authorities have accused Thug’s label YSL Records of being a criminal organization. The indictment mentions song lyrics from the rappers, to be used as evidence.

Speaking out against the indictment, Metro refuted claims the label is a gang and took issue with using lyrics as criminal evidence.

"Using song lyrics to indict n***as is lame af and a joke. These the same lyrics that have made billions for these corporations over the past decade," he wrote. "I’m waiting now to see who gon step up and use those same resources now that the coin has turned ... Or y’all jus gon turn the other way and leave n***as how Interscope did Pac in 95??" 

He took particular issue with the gang accusation, and highlighted how much Thug has done for his local community. 

"YSL is not a gang and never been a gang fool, YSL is a registered LLC and has provided countless jobs and opportunities for underprivileged black people and really just all people cause that’s how big Thug heart is," Metro continued. "I’ve seen first handed thousands of black people and their families lives changed for the better over the past 10 years now #they are trying to cut the head off the snake because #they see how much bigger it gets every year."

The superproducer, who has frequently worked with Thug and Gunna, suggested authorities get “terrified every time an iconic black leader emerges with so much influence, respect, power, and appeal so they throw some bullshit charges together to lock him up and slow the movement down.” He also criticized those who felt the need to provide commentary on the situation without fully understanding the gravity of the charges.

“All u bitch ass n***as tryna play devils advocate behind a keyboard yo police ass on that side y’all n***as worse than the DA,” Metro Boomin wrote. “These brothers need love, support, and prayer right now not jokes, criticism, or opinions.”

In one more comment on the topic, the Not All Heroes Wear Capes creator blasted a fan who questioned him defending YSL. “Look at how stupid this n***a sound,” he added.

Lil Keed, who is signed to YSL Records, also recently shared a post disputing the claims leveled against his boss and fellow signees.

“YSL is a family, YSL is a label,” wrote Keed. “YSL is a way of life. YSL is a lifestyle. YSL is not a gang. YSL is not a criminal organisation. YSL is not a street gang. YSL is not a mob.”

Both Young Thug and Gunna have been denied bond following their arrests this week.