Logic has continued his streak of sharing new music with his latest song titled “My Way.”

The new track sees the rapper proclaim that he’s living his life his own way. “I’m on ten, homie, I’m on ten / Just me and my family and all my friends / We gon’ do it all the way ‘til the fuckin’ end / I’ma do it my way, I won’t ever bend, oh yeah,” he rap-sings on “My Way.”

“My Way” follows a string of solo songs like “Get Up” and “Vaccine,” and the compilation album YS Collection Vol. 1. He also embarked on a new joint project with Madlib, called MadGic, with the pair dropping off the records “Mars Only Pt. 3,” “Raddest Dad,” and “Mafia Music.”

After being in retirement for almost a year, the Maryland native announced his return to music in mid-June via a press release that was reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s NBA comeback in 1995.

Listen to “My Way” below and stay tuned for more from Logic.