Logic is gearing up to release his memoir This Bright Future, under his government name, Bobby Hall.

The book follows his life, from his childhood riddled with abuse and neglect to his successful career as a music artist, with book publisher Simon & Schuster describing the memoir as a “raw and unfiltered journey” into Logic’s mind. The rapper shared a few audiobook clips from This Bright Future, one of which details a sexual abuse incident that involves a nine-year-old Logic and his father’s girlfriend, Donna.

In the excerpt, Logic describes Donna as “the crypt keeper from Tales from the Crypt but with a Van Halen hairstyle,” as well as a drug addict and alcoholic. He goes into depth about the incident in question, which happened when he was eating Skittles in the laundry room at his dad’s home with Donna.

“I don’t remember exactly how it happened but she was definitely drunk and she walked over to me and she took some of my Skittles and she put them in her mouth and she said, ‘Hey, come here.’ So I walked over to her and she leaned down and she passed the Skittles from her mouth to my mouth, which then turned into her tongue-kissing me. It was more than one Skittle—I could really taste the rainbow and the cigarettes and the ginger ale and the lipstick, like all of it at the same time.”

He continues, “I look back as an adult and obviously it was wrong and creepy and weird, but I won’t lie. As a kid, I was like, ‘Awesome! Nice!’ which is this weird double-standard we live with where if any man does anything, it’s abuse, but if it’s some hot lady teacher, it’s somehow not as bad, even though it is.” He also explains that the moment didn’t go beyond that.

Logic has touched on sexual abuse before, regarding his sisters and mother. Back in 2014, he told Complex that as a kid, he felt helpless during these situations.

“I think it was just who I was and God,” Logic said when explaining why he didn’t replicate the abuse he saw. “When I saw my mom getting her ass whooped by various men right in front of me or it was sitting in the same room as my sisters getting sexually assaulted as a little child and I couldn’t do anything… It’s crazy that that didn’t make me go out and put my hands on women.”

This Bright Future arrives on Sept. 7.

Stephen Curry has chosen the book as his October Literati book club selection, meaning that—starting on Oct. 1—the Underrated book club will be the exclusive place for fans to read and discuss the book with the artist himself.

“Underrated is a book club where we read stories about individuals who overcome their odds to achieve greatness,” Curry said in a press release. “When I read Bobby’s memoir and learned about his tumultuous journey to get to where he is today, I knew that I had to share his story with my Literati book club, so I invited him to join me in reading his book.”

For more info, including how to sign up, head to the Literati site.

“In writing This Bright Future, I wanted to share my life in a way I could never do with my music alone,” Logic said of his book’s club selection. “My memoir is a story of hope. My mental health struggles and my family history filled with addiction, abuse, and neglect is what shaped me creatively. I found art as a way to express myself and heal. By reading my book alongside my fans on Literati, I hope to inspire others to pursue their creative dreams. I’m grateful to Stephen for welcoming me into his club, and offering this platform to me.”