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Rising London talent Joe James continues to prove why he’s in a league of his own. 

After holding down a bulk of the rapping on producer KwolleM’s acclaimed 2020 Mellow Grime effort, c2c, and dropping his soul-leaning rap project, Jöetry, earlier this year, the Essex native is back with visuals for his most recent endeavour, “Hold Me Down”. 

Backed by moody chords and a rough, street-mangled delivery, Joe James’ husky flow dominates the sparse, stripped-back drill tune. On the track, Joe’s lyricism is vivid, descriptive and acts as a boots-on-the-ground look at his concrete-laden street surroundings

The track’s visuals don’t disappoint either, acting as an extension of visceral and grit-washed sonnet. Directed by Yukki, Joe James can be seen chilling by a street barbeque in the day and donning a black bally atop a BMX come nightfall, like a masked vigilante. 

While we wait for the track to hit streaming platforms, press play on the visuals up top.