IDK is ready to assist the next generation of music business students. 

The Maryland MC announced Friday that he’s leading the charge for a music business program for students of color with the help of Harvard University. 

As reported by the Associated Press, the 10-day No Label Academy program lasts from Aug. 21-31 and gives students a taste of the industry to help them understand the value of having a job in the arts.

“We belong in the places where few of us exist,” the lyricist wrote. “I’m making sure the world sees that. Applications for my music business course catered to Black Indigenous People of Color @ Harvard are open. Apply now. It takes 5mins.”

With applications now open, the No Label Academy team is already assembled and it includes Harvard Law School professor and director of the Transactional Law Clinics Brian K. Price. As Price puts it, success in the field all about entrepreneurship.

“Anyone aspiring to do music as a business must think like and excel as an entrepreneur,” he wrote. “There must be a foundation of knowledge and how to apply that knowledge. Learning from experience is one way; learning from ‘the experienced’ is another. I’m happy to support initiatives that help learners understand how to make wise decisions.”