Romeo is revisiting the idea of him and Bow Wow going head-to-head in a Verzuz battle.

In a recent episode of Fox Soul’s The Mix, Romeo challenged Bow to a face-off. “You know, I gotta say, I love this and y’all’s Verzuz,” Romeo said on May 12, according to The Source. “It really showed the light and it really showed that nothing’s wrong with friendly competition. Baby, this is what the sport is about. This is what the game’s about. This is what makes us better. And y’all actually inspired me. Imma put this out there: if Bow Wow do a gotdamn battle and it’s not with me, don’t do it. I’m just saying, so if Bow do a battle, I’m open for it.”

Bow Wow responded to Romeo on Saturday, tweeting, “You sure you want this smoke? i see you calling me out. You sure this what you want to do? #VERZUZ.”

The exchange appeared to get a little more personal when Romeo fired back at Bow on his Instagram Story.

“Regarding this Verzuz talk, I’ve gave this man Bow @shadmoss his roses since we was kids and even reached out myself (multiple times) to celebrate him and our era together in a creative way,” he wrote. “I could put my pride to the side if it means doing something positive and bringing back nostalgia for a dope ass generation.”

“Now if you think this is smoke my brother, we could hit up @loganpaul and get on one of those boxing tickets. You know me in real life bro, we aren’t kids anymore; leave that for the fans. This ain’t about the competition for me, this is about showing the impact that 2 young black kids had on the entire industry. That’s the Win. To inspire the next! It’s NoLimit. You got my number, hit me.”

However, it seems the exchanges were friendly competitive banter and the two rappers weren’t all that serious. Later on Saturday, Romeo posted a video of him calling Bow Wow and the two discussing connecting when Bow is in Los Angeles.

“We always said we going to do this and that. I think we really gotta put some shit together where it’s me and you,” Romeo said on the call. “Where it’s going to benefit even financially and then even getting those roses we both deserve.” Bow responded, “We definitely gonna do some shit, bro. It’s definitely time.”

Romeo also expanded on his back-and-forth with Bow Wow in the caption, writing, “I told @shadmoss I was gone post this convo because people take things more serious than us and they don’t even know our real life friendship and tone, so just wanted to give some insight.”

He continued, “But like I told him today, let’s finally do something TOGETHER, before the world ends preferably. The industry put us against each other for too long, it’s time to celebrate each other my brother. Life is short.”

Of course, before Romeo was able to clear up their exchange, fans took to Twitter once again to muse on what would happen between the two in a hypothetical battle, with many agreeing Bow Wow would sweep his opponent.