Even without lockdown, life is becoming a real grind. There seems to be no end to the challenges and hardships tripping us up at every turn and it’s beginning to get old.

That’s the core of ENNY’s new single, “Same Old”, an exercise in venting that sees the South London rhymer go hard on issues like gentrification as well as the monotonous, petty irritations of daily life. In short, she’s had enough—and you can’t blame her. Eventually there comes a point where you have to put up or shut up and ENNY’s determined to put her frustration to good use. “I got tired of being patient,” she rap-sings over the jazzy backdrop, “saw truth and had to face it.”

It’s served her well, too. ENNY’s stock continues to rise (she did make our rappers to watch in 2021 list) and, judging by the hype surrounding “Peng Black Girls” (including the Jorja Smith-assisted remix) and the news that we will soon have a project from her, that rise looks set to continue unabaited for the forseeable future.

Listen to “Same Old” below and be sure to add the song to your playlists.

UPDATE (March 26): The official music video has just landed.