Drake has always worn his heart on his sleeve. He connects with fans so well because his music makes them feel like they know him, down to every real name, situation, and life event he mentions in his songs. And if Drake’s entire catalog is a journal of his innermost thoughts, fears, and confessions, then his sophomore album, Take Care, includes some of his most honest entries.

Throughout Take Care, Drizzy allows his waves of self-doubt, anxiety, love, pride, and pain to flow into every song on the album, as he reflects on the pressures of seeking the throne. Those revelations are both self-congratulatory and, at times, self-deprecating as Drake bares his soul in the empty bar of Joso’s Toronto. The golden goblet he gazes into on the album cover is half full on tracks like “Lord Knows” and “HYFR,” and half empty on sobering songs like “Doing It Wrong” and “Crew Love.” It’s like Drake wants to be the star of his movie and watch it from the recluse of the mezzanine seats at the same time. This distorted dichotomy is championed on Take Care, and ten years later, the album still holds up as possibly his greatest album thus far.

To celebrate a decade of drunk voicemails, club bangers, and woozy lullabies, we ranked all 20 songs on the deluxe version of Drake’s Take Care.