Drake is seemingly confirming he was arrested in Sweden.

In an Instagram post ringing in 2023, Drake wrote: “The funds are useful / the lyrics are truthful / the suspects are usual / the opps are delusional / the finish line is beautiful / and the disrespect is mutual / see you in 23.”

Accompanying his IG post was a photo of he and 21 Savage and a video of him getting detained by Swedish authorities. This would confirm lyrics on “Middle of the Ocean” from Her Loss where he rapped, “”Swedish jail cell, smellin’ like some Carby Musk.”

Back in July, Drake was rumored to be arrested on marijuana-related charges while partying in a Swedish club. However, his team has denied any news of him being arrested despite a hashtag #FreeDrake that went viral.

The ever-elusive Drake kind’ve confirmed his arrest (or detained) when he posted a series of photos documenting his Sweden trip. One of the photos was a handout you receive from Swedish authorities when you may committed a crime. “Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained” from Polisen.

You can watch the video below.