Dark Lo and Havoc working together just makes sense. The Philly rapper embodies the sound that made Mobb Deep into the legends they are. The Queens duo can also be seen as inspiration for today’s blossoming East Coast underground, so it lines up aesthetically for Havoc to work with someone like the Crook.

Not only does Hav rap on this track, he also produced the entire project with Lo. With Lo going away later this month, he made sure to leave his fans with something and I’m sure he has more music in the chamber to let go while he’s inside. Extreme Measures is set to drop on Sept. 24 and “Mob Tales” is the first single.

Here’s what they said about working with each other:

Dark Lo: “Mobb Deep are some of my rap idols, so it was a great honor for me to be able to work with Havoc on an entire project. ‘Mob Tales’ was the first beat Hav sent me and he hit me with that grimy ‘90s throwback vibe. I was anxious to get into the studio and lay down my vocals.”

Havoc: “I’m very excited about my project with Lo, it’s been a minute since I worked with an artist that has such a gritty sound, and that appeals to me. Gritty and grimy is that kinda lane I like to work in most and Lo and I lived in that lane with Extreme Measures.”

Check out the tracklist for Extreme Measures below.

1. “Mob Tales” f/ Havoc
2. “LostInnocence”
3. “Zombie Land” f/ Havoc
4. “Extreme Measures” f/ Styles P
5. “Greatest Ever”
6. “Reports”
7. “Make it Home” f/ Vado
8. “Force of Life”
9. “Dirty Work”
10. “Captivating”
11. “Strong Minded”