Having kicked the year off with news of a new mixtape, 23, West London rap star Central Cee is back with the new project’s latest single, “Cold Shoulder”, following last year’s wildly popular “Obsessed With You” and the cash-splashing “Retail Therapy” at the top of the year.

Switching up slightly from the party-ready energy of the last two singles, producer Young Chencs (who also had a hand in “Retail Therapy”) takes a few subtle guitar strums and builds a thoughtful instrumental around it. With that in place, the Shepherd’s Bush rhymer shares his perspective on the pressure that comes with a meteoric rise and responds to accusations he’s a one-hit-wonder.

Fitting that theme, the black-and-white video takes us on a year-in-the-life tour of a young rapper whose career trajectory is on a vertical line. From adoring fans to packed-out festivals and all the finery and trimmings he could ever hope to indulge in. As a wise man once said, you only get one come-up, so you might as well enjoy it.

23 is due to be released February 25. While we wait, hit play on the video at the top and make sure you add “Cold Shoulder” to all your playlists.