July is picking up with major releases from some familiar faces. Drake and DJ Khaled reunited once again for two new singles, “Greece” and “Popstar,” in preparation for Khaled forthcoming album. Joey Badass and Pusha-T dropped “No Explanation,” from Joey’s latest project, The Light Pack. And Tinashe released her new single, “Rascal.” This week’s best new music also includes songs from Sheff G, Jhene Aiko, NoCap, and more. 

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Drake & DJ Khaled, “Greece”

Drake and DJ Khaled are gunning for the Song of the Summer title. “Greece” has been buzzing since the track leaked earlier this month. It’s a luxurious song that finds Drake making promises to fly his girl around the world, take vacations in Greece, and spend hoards of cash on designer goods. He also briefly sings a few words in French. “Come with me, fly out to Greece/Full speed, survoler Paris, yeah,” he sings over the OZ-produced beat. “Greece” is one of two tracks Drake and DJ Khaled released in preparations for Khaled’s forthcoming album, Khaled Khaled

Joey Badass f/ Pusha-T, “No Explanation”

“No Explanation” has been in the works for quite some time. Joey Badass and Pusha-T hinted at the collaboration back in 2018, backstage at Afropunk. And it was worth the wait. On the track, Joey and Push trade verses over a classic, jazzy beat, courtesy of Swizz Beatz and Sean C & LV. “I got other things on my mind that’s much bigger/Like bein’ the voice to this voiceless generation,” Joey spits. Pusha also discusses his influence and rap prowess. “No Explanation” appears on Joey Badass’ three-track project, The Light Pack, which marks his first release in three years. 

Tinashe, “Rascal (Superstar)” 

“Rascal” is a cocky new record from Tinashe. The singer-songwriter oozes confidence and glamour as she sings about money, cash, clothes, and fast cars. “I’m a superstar, bitch/I just pour the cup, bitch,” she sings. Tinashe shows off her dynamic artistry, switching from pop hooks to rap-like verses. And the accompanying music video brings Tinashe’s full vision to life as she prances around a Victorian-style mansion in animal-print lingerie and a blonde pixie-cut. “Rascal” was recorded during the session for Tinashe’s 2019 album, Songs For You

Lido, “Rise”

“Rise” is a love song that takes listeners to another dimension. It’s easy to get lost in the twinkling instrumentation, which was produced by Lido himself, as he sings about being high on love. “I’m high all day when I’m on your love/When I’m on your love/But how do you caption the big picture?” He sings. “Rise” will appear on Lido’s upcoming album, PEDER, which is slated to release sometime this fall. 

Sheff G f/ King Von, Jay Critch, and Eli Fross, “Picasso”

Sweet-sounding piano keys lead the way on “Picasso,” before Sheff G disrupts the melody with aggressive bars about his come-up. Sheff also references Treyvon Martin, rapping, “So my hoodie on like I’m Treyvon/But the Skittles knock the taste out of shit.” King Von, Jay Critch, and Eli Fross come on the track later, with equally powerful bars. “Picasso” appears on Sheff G’s latest EP, Just 4 Yall, which dropped Friday. 

J.I. the Prince of N.Y. f/ Lil Durk, “Painless”

“Painless” is a melodic record from J.I. and Lil Durk that sounds drenched in pain and anguish. On the track, Durk talks about being exhausted from attending funerals for his fallen friends who have suffered from gun violence in his city (“I’m tired of these funeral, all of these pills, they got m delusional”), while J.I. looks to cope with his pain in other ways. “Got som pain in my cup, let’s get nauseous/I know I gotta be cautious,” he spits. “Painless” appears on J.I.’s Welcome to GStarr Vol. 1

NoCap f/ DaBaby, “Rich Criminals” 

On “Rich Criminals,” NoCap and Dababy discuss their duality as rappers. While they acknowledge the luxurious items they are able to afford as a result of their status, they clarify that they are still from the streets.  “Since I was a teen, all I wanted was the green... I’m not worried bout the cost because I can’t go broke,” NoCap raps, before reminding listeners that he’ll still “shoot you” if he has to. DaBaby also discusses his rise to fame, which has allowed him to cop expensive watches and appear on Fallon. “Rich Criminals” appears on NoCap latest project, Steel Human

Problem f/ Freddie Gibbs and Snoop Dogg, “Don’t Be Mad At Me (Remix)” 

Problem recruited Freddie Gibbs and Snoop Dogg for the remix of “Don’t Be Mad At Me (Remix),” where they swap revealing bars about indiscretions in their relationships. Snoop Dogg addresses his past mistakes, rapping, “I’m tired of sayin’ sorry for the same shit/Damn near lost my queen, fucking’ ‘round with that lame bitch,” While Freddie and Problem resort to other means of reconciliation. 

03 Greedo & Chief Keef, “Bands In Da Basement” 

03 Greedo tapped Chief Keef for “Bands In Da Basement,” a melodic record that is all about money. On the track, 03 Greedo and Chief Keef have rolls of cash in the basement, in the walls, in the mattress, and everywhere else. With a catchy chorus and a bouncy beat, “Bands In Da Basement” is the perfect cruising record. 

Jhené Aiko, “Above and Beyond” 

Jhené Aiko is back with the deluxe edition of her 2020 album, Chilombo, featuring “Above and Beyond.” The record is a smooth ballad that finds Aiko singing about her strained relationship. Despite losing feelings, she is still holding on. “Just like that, you turn back/I do everything you ask of me/Just like that, I take you back, and I still fuck with you so passionately,” she croons. “Above and Beyond” is a change of pace from some of Aiko’s bouncier and raunchier singles on the album.

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