Action Bronson’s long-awaited major label debut album, Mr. Wonderful, is finally here, and what better way to celebrate its release than by counting down his 25 best songs. It’s been a wild and crazy ride for the Flushing, Queens, chef turned MC and rapper leading up to this moment. What started simply as blog buzz in 2011 has gone right into a full-blown cult following, with fans across the world showing their adoration for the husky, big-bearded hunk with blunted bars of steel. Action Bronson is a hero in his hometown, baby. And out of town, they love and worship him just the same, if not more.

Though rap artist Bronson’s first official major label full-length album is just being released this week, he's been dropping quality product for nearly half a decade. His discography after only four years on the scene is dumb deep. He’s cooked up full projects with Tommy Mas, Statik Selektah, Party Supplies (twice), and the Alchemist. On top of that, he's blessed endless collaborations and features with industry heavy-hitters young and old. Dude definitely stays on his job. So, as you can imagine, there was plenty of lyric material to sift through while putting this menu together. His catalog is as massive as his stage presence.

OK, enough with the wine and cheese, here’s our main course—Action Bronson’s 25 Best Songs, carefully prepared, and loaded with flavor. Hope you brought your appetite, and your lungs. 

Daniel Isenberg is a writer living in New York. Follow him @StanIpcus

​Listen the full playlist of these songs here.