Babyface Ray sounds extra laid back as he speaks over the phone with Complex, celebrating the completion of his new album Face

He’s been a standout from Detroit’s rap scene for years, first gaining buzz thanks to his nonchalant, conversational style. At first, he was a star in Detroit, making music as a member of rap group Team Eastside, and dropping a large catalog of his own mixtapes. Then he broke through nationally in the past couple of years, highlighted by the release of Unfuckwitable in 2021. 

Now, Babyface Ray has his sights set even higher with his new album, Face, which dropped on Jan. 28. The 20-track project boasts features from Pusha-T, Wiz Khalifa, G Herbo, and more. Ray suspects this will be the project that puts him on everyone’s radar. 

“There are a lot of different styles on there,” he says. “I listened to a lot of CDs in my lifetime, and I really think that this CD is one of them. And this my debut album to introduce me to the industry.” 

Face is not just a win for Babyface Ray—it’s an album that continues the hot streak of Detroit rap. Ray admits the recognition that Detroit is receiving right now has been a long time coming, but he appreciates where the scene is right now. “We going crazy,” he tells Complex. “I ain’t gonna lie. We been doing this—me, Peezy, Dam—for nine plus years. And we had never gotten nobody to say nothing about nothing. So for this moment to be happening, it’s big. We appreciate it.”

Babyface Ray spoke to Complex about his new album Face, advice he got from Big Sean, Detroit’s rap scene, and more. The interview, lightly edited for clarity, is below.