Back in May, Avelino returned to us after wrapping up his Four Seasons freestyle series with a new double release, “Mercedes Coupe” (produced by R Lo and Bambz) and “Magick” (produced by 169), two contrasting releases united by the common thread of reflection, albeit expressed from wholly different perspectives.

A couple of weeks after the release, the rapper dropped off the late-night visuals for “Mercedes Coupe” and now he’s back with the “Magick” video. Swapping the expensive bottles and fast cars for life’s true riches, this new video—directed by @arminviews—follows Avelino as he revisits the block that raised him as he reconnects with what really counts.

At the time, Avelino had this to say about the two tracks: “‘Mercedes Coupe’ & ‘Magick’ are about the finer things in life. I celebrate and reflect equally. The fact that any person can go from the gutter to glory if they put their mind to it, is as true as the fact that grass is green. These songs will either help you reflect on life or motivate you for the future, maybe even both.”

Peep the “Magick” video above and be sure to add both tracks to your playlist.