Which Pablo Is Kanye West's Album Title About?

What's your guess?

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Last night, Kanye West finally revealed that the name of his new album is The Life of Pablo, and though it was no longer a secret, there's still some mystery behind the title. Notably, which Pablo is Kanye talking about, because there seems to be a few options. It's worth noting that Kanye referenced Pablo on "No More Parties in LA," though he still didn't give any real hints as to which Pablo it was. With the album finally dropping in a few hours, we decided to run through some of the possibilities. 

Pablo Picasso: This seems like a strong possibility. Not only did 'Ye name-drop Picasso on the Watch the Throne song, "Who Gon Stop Me," but he also directly compared himself to the famous artist during a lecture at Oxford. "My goal, if I was going to do art, fine art, would have been to become Picasso or greater," 'Ye said. Well, did Picasso ever make My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? Checkmate. 

Pablo Escobar: Another strong possibility because rappers really love famous drug dealers. Maybe Kanye just binge-watched Narcos on Netflix. 

Petey Pablo: The longshot, but this is easily the most hilarious option. Though, nobody can argue that "Freek-A-Leak" isn't an undisputable classic. 

Pablo, the kid responsible for Kanye's presidential announcement: There is no chance that this is it, but it's worth mentioning because it's awesome. 

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