Safaree Responds To Meek Mill With New Diss Song, "Lifeline"

More drama every day.

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While everyone was waiting for Meek Mill's response to Drake's,"Charged Up," it seems that Nicki Minaj's ex, Safaree, was planning his own rebuttal to Meek, and has now released his own diss track titled "Lifeline." The song, which was released on TMZ, features plenty of shots in Meek's direction, but it also includes claims from Safaree that he ghostwrote parts of Nicki's Pinkprint album, though he previously denied that he did. "This ni**a bent outta shape with a gorilla face/ My bars on The Pinkprint no one will ever match/ My d*ck print lil n*gga you could never match," Safaree rapped on the song.

Safaree's new diss track stems from Meek's Twitter rant last week when he tweeted that SB was tweaking and thought he was gay during his relationship with Nicki because he let her do stuff with other guys. Listen to the diss song below. 

Show him the email you sent me on my birthday. If were not 2gthr u shouldnt be questioning me about old shit at all. thats not moving on.


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