Premiere: Cleveland Rapper Ripp Flamez Channels LeBron James on New Song "LeBron Flamez"

Cleveland rapper Ripp Flamez channles his innner LeBron James for "LeBron Flamez."

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Rising Cleveland rapper Ripp Flamez returns today with a new song titled "LeBron Flamez," which is of course dedicated to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers current run in the NBA Finals. On the infectious track, Ripp blends together a wonderful mix of rapping and singing while comparing himself to LeBron when it comes to getting things done like a true champion. As far as the ongoing NBA Finals, which the Cavs currently trail 1-0 to the Golden State Warriors, Ripp is optimistic for the team and city of Cleveland.

"In a way, we're all looking for Lebron and the Cavs to bring us a victory because ultimately if they win, we win," Ripp told Complex. "It’ll change the energy in the city. Sort of the same with me, but on a smaller scale, Cleveland has been longing for something to be proud of, something we can brag about." While it remains to be seen if LeBron can bring home a title to Cleveland, Ripp is surely setting the tone in a major way with his new music. "I can honestly say that before Lebron there was no hope or sense of any type of success in the city, at least not for me," he said. "He changed the dynamics, he gave the city a sense of hope and a fuck load of confidence, especially me! He made me believe we can really make this a place people fuck with." 

You can stream "LeBron Flamez" in full below.

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