Listen to OverDoz's "7,000 Girls" f/ King Chip and Childish Gambino

That's really a lot of girls.

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California collective OverDoz just recently wrapped up the making of their debut album, 2008, which will be released in the near future through Sony/RCA. Today, they celebrate the occasion with the release of their new song, "7,000 Girls," which features King Chip and Childish Gambino and production from The Internet's Patrick Paige. This fun-loving and energetic track is all about the ladies, as each part of the catchy songs makes reference back to the overall theme of the song, while the harmonizing and singing on the hook matches wonderfully with the standout verses on the track.

This is the first we have heard from OverDoz since they released their mixtape, Boom, back in 2013, but with the album wrapped and the single out, look for much more from the group sooner than later. Stream the record below.


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