Premiere: Moxie Raia Unleashes a New Video for "How to Feel"

This is the first single from her upcoming mixtape.

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Moxie Raia is currently putting the finishing touches on her upcoming mixtape, 931, and today, she debuts the video for her first single, "How to Feel." The soothing track gets an equally pleasing visual treatment, with some crafty camera work while Moxie and her significant other go through the happy and turbulent stages of a relationship. "I had reached a point where that little spark of desire to be loved or to love had just burnt out. I felt indifferent," Moxie told Complex. "I guess my skin had gotten so thick from a string of things that nothing could really penetrate or light me anymore."

Moxie's involvement in this particular video was not limited to just writing and producing it either, but she also handled the treatment and edited the entire visual herself. She will be performing this song along with other tracks from the upcoming mixtape at Art Basel this week. Look for the project to officially drop in January and stream the song in full below.

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