Premiere: Listen to Marc E. Bassy's "Over the Water" f/ NHT Chippas

From Marc's upcoming "Only the Poets" EP.

via Soundcloud

Marc E. Bassy is releasing his debut solo EP later this month, but gives fans an early treat with his new single, "Over the Water" featuring NHT Chippas. Bassy brings a refreshing sound to R&B with "Over the Water," which mixes his eloquent voice with some new age pop. The Count Bassy and Casper and B-produced song also features a solid feature verse from NHT Chippas. 

Though Bassy will be releasing his debut solo EP later this summer, he has worked with the likes of 2 Chainz, Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, and more in the past. Listen to the new single below, as well as check out the tracklist for Only the Poets, which will be released on July 29.

01- Poets (Prod. by Count Bassy)
02- Catch Myself (Prod. by Casper and B)
03- Cigarettes (Prod. by Casper and B)
04- Over The Water ft. NHT Chippas (Prod. by Count Bassy, Casper and B)
05- Girls Get Down (Prod. by Casper and B, Count Bassy)
06- Chemical High (Remix)
07- Playa Playa (Prod. by Count Bassy)
08- Stick to Your Guns (Prod. by Count Bassy, Billion Coast, Casper and B)
09- American Dreamlife (Prod. by Count Bassy)

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