Here's the Backstory on the Rapper Kanye West Just Tweeted About

Kanye West tweeted a link to rapper Jay Hype's project and here's why.

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On Tuesday night, Kanye West took to Twitter to tweet out a Soundcloud link for rapper Jay Hype. To most, this came as a total surprise and a good amount of people thought that the G.O.O.D. Music rapper had been hacked. Well, that wasn't the case at all, and if you remember, Kanye and Jay Hype actually have a history together. Back in 2014, Kanye visited an open mic event in New Jersey where he watched Hype, who is the daughter of one of his closest family friends, perform in front of the crowd.

She performed in front of Kanye for about 15 minutes and when it was over, he hugged her before leaving the building. The whole thing came as a shock to most, but was a good reminder that Kanye tends to look out for those close to him, especially when music is involved.

Up until now not much was known about what Hype was up to on the music side, but it does look like her new project, which Kanye tweeted, just recently dropped. Of course, the power of a Kanye cosign is enormous, as the plays on the six songs have already reached the thousands and are continuing to grow. It's unclear if Kanye has plans to work with Hype in the future, but his support is very cool to see. You can check out the mixtape for yourself below, and revisit Kanye's trip to the open mic in New Jersey here

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