B.o.B Is Apparently Super Woke About Cloning Centers

This is way out there.

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While almost all of the music world is focused on the Grammy nominations that just came outB.o.B is out here in his own world. Bobby Ray, who just released a new project last week, took to Twitter last night to share some interesting thoughts on...well, we're not exactly sure.

The first tweet he sent was about celebrities "randomly" losing their minds with an equal sign to a cloning center. Does B.o.B think that celebrities are being secretly cloned and then losing their minds? What is happening? He continued to say that hundreds of kids go missing each year equals cloning center with no further explanation.

Seriously, this is all the way out there, and rather than explaining what he was talking about, B.o.B simply went back to promoting his most recent mixtape. The whole thing was really weird, but apparently B.o.B is actually super woke when it comes to cloning centers in the world. To each their own, we suppose. 

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