Fetty Wap On His Relationship With Kanye West and Learning His Work Ethic From Gucci Mane

Fetty will be making his Summer Jam debut this weekend.

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The always humble Fetty Wap stopped by Hot 97 recently to talk about his journey to this point as he prepares for his first ever Summer Jam. While Fetty is now basically a household name who continues to churn out hits, he still speaks in a way that genuinely sounds like he appreciates all the love he gets, and that even expands to Kanye West, who Fetty said would randomly text him and say how proud of him he was. He even revealed that it was Kanye who initially gave Drake his contact info, which seemingly lead to the "My Way" remix that has since taken off. 


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Part of the reason that Fetty has become so popular so quickly is because he's able to put out hits at such a fast rate and a lot of that has to do with his unmatched work ethic in the studio. "I learned my work ethic from Gucci Mane," Fetty said. "When I go into the studio I don’t leave until I make at least 20, 30 songs. Full songs. Verse hook verse. Next song. Verse hook verse. Next song." 

Fetty's full interview with Hot 97 can be seen above. 

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