Old Video of Drake Doing Improv at a Toronto Club Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Old footage of Drake doing improv at a Toronto club might be the best thing you'll watch all day.

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It's obviously no secret that Drake was an actor back in the day, but seeing him in that environment will never not be funny. Over the years, there have been plenty of clips of Drizzy acting in some capacity, whether in scenes from Degrassi or messing around in hilarious short films with OB. Somehow, very rare and old videos still seem to come out of the woodwork and the latest—a clip of Drake doing improv at a club in Toronto many years ago—is pretty wild. The video was uploaded back in March, but currently has under 300 views on YouTube and only recently made its way onto the forum site KTT.

Drake's improv set was filmed at the Rivoli Club in Toronto, and it seems the video only surfaced after it was included in a local feature on the club that ran earlier this week. In the clip, Drake is onstage with his female counterpart who he goes back and forth with, cracking jokes and eventually breaking out into song. Drizzy even showed off some funky dance moves, which were just about as awkward as his teenage afro at the time. And honestly, seeing a young Drake singing about going to the gym and telling his fake girlfriend that she's pregnant is probably the funniest thing you'll see today.

With Drake recently promising he's going to do more acting stuff in the future, here's to hoping more awkward Aubrey Graham acting moments are on the horizon. We've reached out to reps for Rivoli for comment on the video and will update when available.

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