"The Official Donald Trump Jam" Is the American Anthem We Didn't Ask For

It's literally something else.

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As Donald Trump's Presidential campaign goes on, it's just keeps getting weirder and weirder. The latest twist in the saga is Trump's official campaign song, "the Official Donald Trump Jam," which has gone viral since it surfaced online. The song was performed live during a rally in Florida yesterday by a group called the Freedom Girls, which consists of three young girls dressed in American flag outfits. The song is almost so cliché, with lyrics like, "Enemies of freedom face the music, come on boys take 'em down," that it's unbelievable this is real. Well, it's very real, and actually pretty catchy, though it seems like one big parody. It's easily up there with Hillary Clinton's dab as one of the most random moments of 2016.

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