Chance the Rapper Performed "Ultralight Beam" During a Show Last Night and It Looked Incredible

Chance had the crowd on another level.

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Though Chance the Rapper isn't on a full blown tour right now, he did have a show in North Carolina last night and it looked pretty amazing. While Chance ran through his past hits, he sent the crowd all the way up when he performed "Ultralight Beam" sans Kanye West. As expected, the crowd rapped along to every word of the song and then broke out into a complete frenzy during Chance's verse, which he did without the backtracking instrumental for the most part. It's unclear if Chance has plans to make "Ultralight Beam" a permanent part of his set, but based off of this reaction, he should strongly consider it. And we're sure nobody would really complain if Kanye decided to join Chance during one of these shows. You can check out the footage above. 

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