This Marching Band Performance of Adele's "Hello" Is Perfect

This is too good.

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You can't go anywhere right now without hearing something from Adele's new, record-breaking album, 25. The project sold over three million copies in one week and the lead single "Hello" has topped the charts since it debuted last month. While there have been plenty of covers of "Hello," this marching band performance of the track by the Southern University band might take the cake.

The performance was during halftime of Louisiana's "Bayou Classic"—a showdown against Grambling State University—in the annual "Battle of the Bands." From the start, the band perfectly captured the essence and emotion of Adele's powerful ballad. Based on this quick clip, it's hard to imagine how anyone other than the Southern University band could have taken home the top honors at the event. Adele's 25 album is available to purchase on iTunes now

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