50 Cent's Response to Rick Ross Calling Him Broke Is So Good

They really will never like each other.

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Rick Ross spent the better part of last week throwing shots at 50 Cent in various interviews, and at one point even said, "Get rich or die trying, and now you bankrupt," while talking about 50's current financial problems. It didn't take too long for 50 to respond, but rather than dropping a diss song, he took to his Instagram to try and show that he's still got some money to play with, despite his ongoing bankruptcy and legal issues

Not only did 50 decide to spell out "broke" with a bunch of hundreds, but he then posted a clip where he's using a massive stack of money as a blanket in his bed. That's just true dedication and execution for the Instagram stunt.

However, the Rozay and 50 drama probably isn't going away anytime soon, as it recently crossed over to Ross' kidnapping case, where he claimed that 50 plotted with his accuser from the jump. Of course, 50 has his own drama at the moment, as he goes through bankruptcy court and a lawsuit with his old legal team for not handling his Sleek Audio deal well a few years back. 

Still, no matter what Rozay and 50 are going through, it seems that they will always find time to direct some shots at one another, which is never not entertaining. 

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