Interview: Skepta Goes Beyond Grime to Make His Acting Debut in the New Movie 'Anti-Social'

The U.K. artist prepares to move into another lane of British culture: cinema.

The last 12 months have been huge for Skepta. His place in the history of grime and British youth culture is already assured, but he's currently on the cusp of something bigger. Ever since the chart-topping success of "That's Not Me" last year, Joseph Junior Adenuga's world has been tipped upside down—the style world adoring his every move, Drake and Kanye co-signing his grimy beats and bars—and now, he's gearing up for what could be the biggest album of his career in #Konnichiwa, when it's released later on this year. 

But that's not all: 2015 also sees Skepta making his acting debut in Anti-Social, a sprawling London crime drama with a storyline about smash-and-grab jewelry store robberies ripped from the headlines. It's a small but memorable role, with him playing a particularly vicious bad guy in a few very intense scenes. Complex met up with Skepta at The Hospital Club in London to discuss it. It was all about the film—talk about the album will come later. But he was really passionate about his role in Anti-Social.

It's taken quite some time for the Boy Better Know MC to make his screen debut, and he wanted to make sure this was the right film to do it in. When we sat down to chat, he was eager and insightful, clever and funny (he even grabbed my notepad and started interviewing himself, at one point), and opened up a lot about where he is right now in life.

Interview by Wil Jones (@AchinglyChic)

Photos by Elliot Simpson

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