Watch the New Trailer for 'Quincy,' Featuring Kendrick Lamar, Oprah, and Barack Obama

Kendrick Lamar, Oprah, Barack Obama, and more talk about the impact of Quincy Jones in the trailer for the Rashida Jones–directed documentary coming to Netflix later this month.

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The first trailer for the Quincy Jones documentary—directed by his daughter, Rashida Jones—is here.

Frank Sinatra opens up the clip with some old footage of the Rat Pack leader introducing Jones. "I would like to have you meet one of the finest musicians I've ever known," he says.  

The trailer goes on to show various entertainment legends like Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Oprah, Paul McCartney, and Will Smith speaking about the legacy of the musical genius. High-level political figures like Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela are also seen meeting Jones. Highlights include Dr. Dre calling him his "ultimate mentor and inspiration" and Lamar saying he was by Jones "combining hip-hop and jazz." The trailer doesn't touch on Jones' history-making work with Michael Jackson.

The preview also features glimpses of Quincy's early life, including early aspirations to be a gangster. "You want to be what you see and that's all we ever saw," says Jones in an interview. But later he says that "music was the one thing that offered [him] freedom."

Jones' life has been nothing short of extraordinary—and it's not just what he mentioned in that explosive interview earlier this year. His documentary, Quincy, arrives on Netflix Sept. 21.

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