Yung Joc Responds to Video of Women Choosing $50 Amazon Gift Card Over 30 Minutes With Him

The clip saw multiple women saying they'd pick a gift card over the chance to spend 30 minutes with Joc. Joc, however, says he'd offer them all $100 gift cards "to stay the fvxk over there.”

yung joc performing live
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yung joc performing live

Yung Joc haș responded to an on-the-street interview clip in which participants were asked to choose between receiving a $50 Amazon gift card or the opportunity to spend thirty minutes with the artist.

The clip in question, shared by 856 Entertainment, sees an interviewer presenting a series of individuals with the ultimately Instagrammed proposition. The responses from a number of women in the clip, seen below, ranged from “Not no Yung Joc”  to “I don’t feel like talking to him.” In short, all of the women included in the final edit of the video opted for the gift card.

“The 50 dollars because you know what I could get off of Amazon for 50 dollars?” one respondent said. “I could get a couple things. Nice little mirror, nice little dresser.”

Shortly after the clip was shared, Joc himself shared a response in the form of a comment. According to Joc, these same respondents also have a shot at getting a gift card worth $100 in exchange for staying “the fvxk over there.” Furthermore, Joc said, he’s “happily married” and has no interest in any such 30-minute situations. 

“Y’all would have no choice cause I wouldn't fuck with not one of them in the first place,” Joc wrote. “1. I'm happily married 2. That shit [cap] 3. He never said have sex with me he just said 30 min with me and y'all would get at least $300 worth of food and shots if I did allow y'all in my immediate vicinity. … 4. I ain't never had a problem getting no woman lol 5. I would give y'all $100 Amazon gift card to stay the fvxk over there.”

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Joc also addressed the clip in a video shared to the grid on Tuesday. In it, he tackled the argument some are quick to make in these scenarios, namely that public figures shouldn’t bother responding at all. 

“Y’all think we not supposed to respond, like, we supposed to take the high road?” Joc said, as seen below. “Nah. I’m gon’ say what I say. That’s how I make money. Period. But y’all funny. All them were dusty.”

Joc haș been particularly busy lately. In May, he was among the artists assembled in Las Vegas for the Lovers & Friends festival. The following month, he made a trip to Anniston, Alabama to speak out against gun violence.

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