Watch Video of Chinx's Last Radio Appearance Before His Untimely Death

Just days before his murder in Queens, Chinx appeared on DJ Kay Slay's Sirius XM show.

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Last weekend, Coke Boys member Chinx was murdered in Queens at the age of 31. Chinx — birth name Lionel Pickens — was gunned down in an apparent drive-by shooting. As the news hit Twitter, fans and fellow artists alike took to their respective pages to express sadness, anger, confusion, and — most of all — memories of a rapper on the rise.

Just three days before his death, Chinx stopped by Streetsweeper Radio with DJ Kay Slay alongside French Montana's brother Zack to discuss his upcoming projects. Video of the appearance has surfaced (see above), showcasing an artist excited about the possibility of future creations — a future cut tragically short.

The funeral for Lionel 'Chinx' Pickens will take place Tuesday, May 26 in Queens.

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