Tyler, the Creator Responds to Fans Thinking He's the Baby in This Viral 2Pac Clip

The related meme has been circulating for quite some time now. Over the weekend, Tyler made sure fans were tuned in to the truth about the 2Pac video.


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Tyler, the Creator would like everyone to accept the fact that, no, that is most certainly not him in a viral video of 2Pac that's resurfaced once again in recent days.

The video in question, which predictably popped up approximately a trillion times in the replies to Tyler's tweet of clarification, shows 2Pac joking about a child who is "mean-mugging" him on the street.

"Now I could keep walking or I could confront that man," 2Pac says, laughing. "I think I'm gonna keep walking. I don't know what he got with him." The child is also seen in the video, notably staring at 2Pac.

The oft-repeated claim that it's Tyler in the video is a years-old joke, though—as is usually the case with such things—some people have since taken up the belief in earnest. 

In the pursuit of truth, Tyler informed fans on Sunday that it's not him, understandably tossing in a little "dumbass" dig for good measure:

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As for the clip, well-versed 2Pac fans will note that it’s taken from an episode of Rap City with John Singleton circa 1993:

Earlier this month, Tyler fans were gifted with the truly excellent Andre project from DJ Critical Hype, who put his signature dissection and blending skills to work by pairing André 3000 vocals with Tyler, The Creator productions. If you missed that, peep it here alongside an interview with the man behind the boards.

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