Travis Scott on the Importance of SoundCloud for the Newer Generation of Rap

Travis Scott and Pharrell talk modern music consumption and industry practices on Lebron James' HBO series 'The Shop.'

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Travis Scott and Pharrell Williams join LeBron James' The Shop: Uninterrupted this Saturday.

In a teaser clip shared by HBO Friday, La Flame and P are seen discussing the many benefits of modern music consumption and how a demand for faster release strategies owes a great debt to the rise of SoundCloud.

"I was doing this interview, man, for Playboy, right?" Scott said in the clip. "And the interview guy was like, he was saying my generation was SoundCloud rappers, and I was like, 'Wait, pause.' I had to tell him, like, you got it twisted. SoundCloud was there for us because SoundCloud understood, like, we wanna drop a song right now. We're not trying to wait for any load-up."

Pharrell agreed, earlier calling younger generations "new gifts to the species" and later likening Scott's assessment of SoundCloud to an internal navigation system all artists need: "Feeling is your GPS, first and foremost." Pharrell has recently been spotted putting his GPS to use in the studio with Blink-182. He also recently linked with Gesaffelstein for "Blast Off."

Scott, meanwhile, is fresh off an extended 28th birthday celebration that included a Jonah Hill cake and other stuff we'll never experience on our birthdays.

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