Pharrell and Scott Vener Get Historic With Q-Tip and Share a Previously Unheard Neptunes Track on OTHERtone

Q-Tip gets historical with Pharrell and Scott, even demonstrating "The Wop." The crew also drops an unreleased 1997 Neptunes track.

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When selecting people to give a casual history lesson on hip-hop, Q-Tip is an easy if not downright inevitable choice. "The summer of '86 changed hip-hop forever," Q-Tip tells Pharrell and Scott Vener on this week's episode of OTHERtone on Beats 1. "This eventually was the music that affected Dre, it affected me." The trio also reflects on the thrills of doing "The WOP," including a demonstration from Q-Tip himself:

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Vener, after dubbing the very special Q-Tip episode a "childhood dream come true" on Instagram, also revealed that Pharrell would be sharing a previously unreleased Neptunes track circa 1997:

Though Pharrell and Vener's Beats 1 Sunday takoevers have produced an overwhelming and totally undeniable amount of highly tweetable moments, including A$AP Rocky's mom interrupting one of their most experimental episodes yet, Q-Tip is certainly no stranger to the format. His own Beats 1 show, ingeniously known as Abstract Radio, has proven its own worth in the increasingly stacked Apple Music x Beats 1 lineup.

Tune in to OTHERtone here.

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