Pusha-T on Getting Angry Calls From Teyana Taylor About Her Album ‘K.T.S.E.’

Teyana Taylor and fans have criticized the confusing release strategy of 'K.T.S.E.' after previous promises of an updated re-release were left unfulfilled. In a new interview, Pusha-T shares his thoughts.

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Though Chance the Rapper recently confirmed to Complex that he's got a Kanye West-helmed seven-track album of his own on the way, the May/June G.O.O.D. marathon is over. As the dust settles, we can enjoy arguing about which of the releases was the best (hint: it's DAYTONA, squidbrains!) while also wondering what, exactly, was going on with the seemingly mishandled drop of Teyana Taylor's K.T.S.E.

In a new interview with Beats 1's Julie Adenuga, G.O.O.D. CEO and DAYTONA mastermind Pusha-T addressed Taylor's recent re-release remarks. He also named her album his personal non-DAYTONA favorite of the G.O.O.D. marathon entries. "I caught one of those phone calls," he said, adding that he believes she has "demo-itis" and falls in love with early versions of songs to the point of rigidity.

I guess we ain’t getting one. 🤷🏾‍♀️ https://t.co/VBKQqYaHBy


"You know, Ye may add a sound or three or add a sample or things that change the dynamic, in her mind . . . T is super passionate but the good thing about it is she also knows what she wants," Pusha said around the 1:49 mark in the video up top.


Pusha was also asked about reports of West considering the challenge of plowing through 52 records in just 52 weeks. As expected, King Push heard the news the same way you or I did. "I didn't hear about that from him," he said. "I saw it online like you did. Listen, I ignored it. I ignored it the best way I could. I was like, this thing didn't come across my radar and I'm going to act like it doesn't even exist."

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