Lil Pump Pays Tribute to XXXTentacion With New Tattoo

Lil Pump filmed himself filling in a new "LLJ" tattoo. The new ink, of course, is a tribute to the late XXXTentacion, who was shot and killed in Florida in June.

Lil Pump got some new ink this weekend. In a short clip posted to his Instagram Story Sunday, Pump is seen filling in a tattooed tribute to XXXTentacion on his left arm. The tattoo, LLJ, means "Long Live Jahseh."

See footage of the X-soundtracked tattoo session below. 

Last week, Pump credited himself and X as two of the originators of SoundCloud rap. "These are the rappers who started the whole SoundCloud rapper shit," he told his 15 million Instagram followers. "Me, X, Ski Mask, Purpp, Uzi, Yachty. I could keep going. Nobody was being called SoundCloud rappers until we came out. We made the whole SoundCloud wave go up."


XXXTentacion was shot and killed at age 20 inside his car in Deerfield Beach, Florida in June. Last week, Trayvon Newsome—the fourth and final suspect in the shooting—was arrested in Broward County and booked on first-degree murder and robbery with a deadly weapon charges. As with the previous three suspects, Newsome has pleaded not guilty.

Police have alleged that Newsome was one of two armed men in the group of four suspects. "Official discovery has not yet been provided to me so I am uncertain of any specific evidence that backs up law enforcement's theory about the tragic death of XXXTentacion and what role they think Mr. Newsome may have played," George E. Reres, Newsome's attorney, later told Complex.

Earlier this month, the domestic abuse charges against XXXTentacion were formally dropped. X was awaiting trial on the charges, which included allegations that he abused a pregnant woman. Witness tampering charges related to the case are also expected to be formally dropped due to his death.

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