Justin Bieber Shares Message of Support for Simone Biles: 'So Proud of You'

In a candid statement shared on Wednesday, Justin Bieber reflected on his own decision to walk away from the Purpose World Tour back in 2017.


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Justin Bieber says he’s “so proud” of Simone Biles, who recently withdrew from Olympic events to prioritize her mental health.

In a special message shared to his Instagram Wednesday evening, the Justice artist reflected on his own widely publicized decision to step away from a tour back in 2017 for similar reasons.

“Nobody will ever understand the pressures you face!” Bieber wrote. “I know we don’t know each other but I’m so proud of the decision to withdraw.” 

According to Bieber, if something a person usually loves starts to feel like it’s actually stealing one’s joy, then it’s time to figure out why. And when that means altogether stepping away from the thing a person loves for a period, then so be it.

“When what you normally love starts to steal your joy it’s important we take a step back to evaluate why,” Bieber wrote in the post, which also included a photo of Biles. “People thought I was crazy for not finishing [the Purpose World Tour] but it was the best thing I could have done for my mental health!! So proud of you.”

Also on Wednesday, Biles responded to the wave of support she’s received in recent days, saying it’s helped her realize “I’m more than my accomplishments and gymnastics.” As Biles revealed, she’s never previously felt that way.

the outpouring love & support I’ve received has made me realize I’m more than my accomplishments and gymnastics which I never truly believed before. 🤍

— Simone Biles (@Simone_Biles) July 29, 2021

In a recent statement, USA Gymnastics confirmed that Biles had decided to withdraw from the final individual all-around competition after further medical evaluation. 

“We wholeheartedly support Simone’s decision and applaud her bravery in prioritizing her well-being,” the statement reads. “Her courage shows, yet again, why she is a role model for so many.”

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