French Montana Details ‘Supernatural’ Encounter on Belly’s New Paranormal Podcast

French opens up about the 2019 incident in an episode of Belly's new podcast 'Hip Hop Horror Stories.'

french montana on red carpet
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french montana on red carpet

French Montana has opened up about a 2019 incident he says made him believe in "supernatural" possibilities.

On Belly's new Audio Up and Light Sonic Division podcast Hip Hop Horror Stories, French looked back on a return trip he took to Morocco in 2019, during which he was moving in a “reckless” way. While there, French recalled, he was drinking a lot and at one point ended up eating at someone’s house. 

“I started seeing shit that wasn’t there,” he said of one particularly wild night at someone else’s house. At around four the following morning, French said he woke up with a dog “on top of him barking at shit all around me,” despite the fact that there was “nobody there.”

But the more peculiar alleged sightings started taking place when French returned to the States.

"The day started when I came back from Morocco," he said. "I remember the weather that day being, you know, regular LA temperature. You know, in the Valley regular, like 80. Now, mind you, my mother is still in Africa. Everybody still there. ... So I get home and I just start seeing people in my backyard. There’s nobody there though. I’m not on mushrooms. I’m not on nothing. I just start seeing people back there. It's almost like people came and camped in the back of my house."

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This continued for some time, French further claimed, including at the studio and elsewhere. French also described some of the figures he says he saw during this time, including one that had a single eye and a pair of women “that was spinning around and whispering to each other.” Additionally, French alleges he saw “a raven.”

While French at multiple points wondered if he had simply eaten something he was unaware of during his Morocco trip, he insists he was “tapped into a different world for a little bit,” arguing that his experience “would still be real” regardless.

Hip Hop Horror Stories is hosted by Belly, who credits his years of mid-session studio conversations with inspiring the new 10-part series. For the French-focused episode, also featuring JaVale McGee, listen here via Apple Podcasts starting Oct. 3.

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