Fat Joe Speaks Out After Being Included on Fabricated Jeffrey Epstein List: 'F*ck Him'

Fat Joe is the latest to address the wave of fake Epstein lists that have made the rounds in recent weeks.

fat joe is seen at a game
Image via Getty/Kevork Djansezian
fat joe is seen at a game

Fat Joe is speaking out after he was mentioned on a fabricated list of Jeffrey Epstein associates.

As readers will note, misinformation related to Epstein has been rampant over the years, especially amid coverage of recently unsealed court documents. Notably, these documents did not include any mention of Fat Joe, though that didn’t stop a fake list from making the rounds. In a recent Instagram Live update, Fat Joe not only responded to being falsely linked to Epstein but also made it clear how he feels about the late convicted sex offender.

“King of corruption,” Fat Joe said on IG this week. “The man’s dead, and let me tell you something. They put out a fake list first. You knew that, right? They put out a fake list. They had me on it. I don’t know that motherfucker. Yo, they had me on a fake list! Let me tell you something . You guys wish I was on a motherfucking Epstein list. I don’t care if Epstein killed himself, didn’t, they killed him. Fuck him, okay? They say don’t speak ill of the dead. But this guy? Piss on his shit. He’s a piece of shit.”


— media archive (@omgmediaarchive) January 15, 2024
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Fat Joe isn’t the first public figure to have been targeted in Epstein-focused misinformation. As previously reported, Jimmy Kimmel called out "hamster-brained" New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the air last week for falsely implying an Epstein link.

"Either he actually believes my name was gonna be on Epstein’s list, which is insane, or the more likely scenario is he doesn’t actually believe that," Kimmel told his audience during an extended takedown. "He just said it because he’s mad at me for making fun of his top knot and his lies about being vaccinated."

Whoopi Goldberg was also the subject of false claims about an Epstein connection. On an episode of The View, she called such claims "insane" while also debunking a number of additional false rumors she's been placed at the center of in recent months.

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