Erykah Badu Puts Her Own Spin on Fela Kuti's "Sorrow Tears and Blood" With the Roots

Badu and the Roots link for a performance of "On & On" and the late Fela Kuti's "Sorrow Tears and Blood."

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Cardi B's show-stopping interview wasn't the only must-see moment on Wednesday's Tonight Show. Fallon and company were also blessed with the presence of Erykah Badu, who grabbed the Roots for a two-song performance honoring her 1997 classic Baduizm and late Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti.

Badu opened her extended performance with a run-through of her Baduizm single "On & On" (this year marked the album's 20th anniversary, commemorated with a re-release) before launching into a Roots-backed cover of Fela Kuti's "Sorrow Tears and Blood."

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Badu was enlisted earlier this month to curate the latest entry in the Fela Kuti box set series. For her set, Badu selected seven releases from Fela's extensive catalog and complemented them with a batch of personal essays. "Fela Kuti is a fucking genius," she said in a press release announcing the box set. "Please listen to these tracks, preferably with a nice blunt."

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Badu's set—which follows previous curated collections from Brian Eno and Questlove—includes Fela's releases Coffin for Head of State, Yellow Fever, No Agreement, J.J.D., V.I.P., Army Arrangement, and Underground System.

While hosting the Soul Train Awards last month, Badu made her thoughts on Colin Kaepernick's protest known by awesomely taking a knee during the opening segment. "This is for Kap," she told the audience. "Kap, we appreciate you, for giving your life, giving up your dream, because you believe in us."

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