Billie Eilish Chimes In Amid Benny Blanco's Apparent Feud With Charlie Puth

What, exactly, is going on between Benny Blanco and Charlie Puth? That remains to be seen, although Billie Eilish has now seemingly taken a side.

Billie Eilish is pictured at a red carpet event

Image via Getty/Kevin Winter/Variety

Billie Eilish is pictured at a red carpet event

If you’re a frequenter of Benny Blanco’s social media presences, then there’s roughly zero chance you’ve not noticed the frequent mentions of Charlie Puth as of late. Though it’s not entirely clear whether all of it is merely an ongoing joke (thought that wouldn’t be surprising), fans have now been provided with another name to throw into the mix: Billie Eilish

In a recently shared TikTok clip, the seven-time Grammy winner is seen reacting to one of Blanco’s Puth-focused clips. More specifically, the responded-to clip in question sees the producer (and Dave star) calling Puth “a fucking loser” and questioning the time he spends on the platform.

“Because you’re a fucking loser, Puth,” Blanco said. “Look at you. You sit in a room all day and make TikToks?” Eilish took note of this by playfully chiding Blanco for his own TikTok ubiquity.

“What do you do all day, Benny?” she asked, as seen in the clip above. “The same thing. Literally the same thing.”

Blanco’s most recent Puth mention (which notably arrived after Eilish’s clip) saw him spitting out his drink at the thought of making up with the Voicenotes artist. And way back in November of last year, Puth addressed Blanco’s mentions, stating that he was “genuinely hurt” by it all.


I finally had to say something…

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“Um, you know, man, these videos were really funny at first,” Puth said at the time. “I don’t exactly know why you’ve been so mean to me these past couple of months but it does genuinely hurt my feelings. I used to look up to you and I don’t know where all this is coming from.”

Among other recent Blanco drops of the Puth-targeting variety iterations of the recent CDC joke format, including one in which the Stupid Fucking Cooking Show co-host joked that the public health agency “said u can walk up to charlie puth and eat his ass to completion twice a day.” This clip, however, has since been removed.

Stay tuned for more, as it doesn’t appear as though any of this is on the immediate path to ending anytime soon.

Eilish, meanwhile, was recently reported by Variety (as was Ye) to be among the artists set to headline the 2022 edition of Coachella. An official lineup announcement, however, has not been made.

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