ASAP Rocky Charged With Assault in Sweden

Rocky's treatment in connection with the case has been widely condemned stateside.


Image via Getty/Timothy Norris


ASAP Rocky has been charged with assault in Sweden in connection with an incident he says began with two men following and harassing him.

In a statement cited by the Associated Press Thursday, prosecutor Daniel Suneson said he had “come to the conclusion that the events in question constitute a crime and despite claims of self-defense and provocation.” Though two men (those said to have been harassing Rocky and others) were initially involved in the incident in question, the charges against Rocky and two other members of his team are related to only one of those two men.

Now, Rocky and the two others charged are expected to remain in custody until a trial, estimated to begin as early as Tuesday. Per a separate report from TMZ, the full two years will not be recommended by the prosecutor if convicted. That same reports alleges a panel of four judges will hear Rocky's case, with at least three of them required to agree that an assault occurred before handing down a conviction. The sentence will be decided approximately one week after the trial's conclusion.

"[Rocky] feels that he acted in self-defense, he is claiming that he is innocent, and in that perspective he of course is very sad," defense attorney Slobodan Jovicic said Thursday. If a conviction is handed down, the charges could result in a maximum sentence of two years.

ASAP Ferg said earlier this month that he had spoken with Rocky, who was in "good spirits" despite the circumstances.

"He just wanna get home," Ferg said. "Waiting on that court date to see wassup. He sends his love! Thank y’all for all your support. This shit is really annoying honestly because it really don't make sense to me. But I'll let God work the way he works. Everybody keep your prayers up for my boy."

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