Aquakultre Shares “Lunch,” the Second Track From New Album ‘Don’t Trip'

Halifax artist Aquakultre has shared "Lunch," a song he wrote with his partner Joolsannie. The track is from his upcoming record 'Don't Trip,' out July 22.

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Aquakultre has just scratched the itch of anyone anxiously awaiting his upcoming record Don’t Trip. “Lunch,” the second single from the album has just arrived with a heartwarming music video. 

The song was written in collaboration with Aqua’s partner Julia, who makes art under the name Joolsannie. She lends her gentle backup vocals to “Lunch,” and this darling duet is indicative of the love the pair share with each other.

“‘Lunch’ happened pretty organically, and I am so grateful and happy to have Jools on this because it was always a goal of hers to do a song together. ‘Lunch’ is about those moments, those cute dates, those romantic outings together. This song really is about our first date together, listening to records and cooking each other food.”

The music video is a montage of couples having picnics together, drinking bubbly, and simply enjoying each other’s company. It’s super sweet imagery is also effortless and chill, and would make anyone want to chill in the park with their honey. 

Aquakultre shared Don’t Trip’s eponymous single last month, and the album drops July 22. In the meantime, stream “Lunch” below.

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