Gucci Mane's Best Lines On 'Woptober'

The best moments from the Brick Squad general, newly off house arrest.

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It was a big week for fans of prolific Southern trap king Gucci Mane. The newly-svelte rapper surprised his loyal following by dropping Woptober, his second post-prison release, early. The LP also marks Gucci’s first project since the end of his house arrest. Though it was originally slated for October 17, in true East Atlanta Santa fashion, he brought Decem-burr early. Prior to the album going live, Gucci took to Twitter to announce the early release. He chalked up the decision to drop the project to his desire to show fans how much he appreciated them.

"I still don’t give a fuck how a fuckboy feel"

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Song: "Intro: Fuck 12"

Producer: London on da Track

This is a perfect Instagram caption, the kind of line we can only assume will generate petty memes for days. It's also super relatable, if we're keeping it 100. 

"I ain’t never been embarrassed, I ain’t never felt fear/I got post traumatic skresses like I can’t shed tears"

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"Boy you just a chameleon/And you blend in good, but I’ll hurt more than your feelings"

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"I’m laundering money but where the washing machines/They know my trap house pump out quarters like a slot machine"

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Song: "Money Machine" f/ Rick Ross

Producer: Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E.

The beauty of Gucci is that his lyrics can seem quite elementary at first glance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Money laundering and a washing machine reference seems intuitive enough, yet there’s more than simple metaphor at play. Money laundering boomed in the United States in the 1920s. At that time, organized crime syndicates would often purchase laundromats because they were cash-only businesses; doing so allowed them to clean dirty money while maintaining the front of a legitimate business. Similarly, the allusion to quarters both speaks to moving quarter ounces while also tying in gambling.

"Streets don’t kill him then the law gon’ get him/Better listen to me kid, it’s a fucked up system"

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"They commit a crime then they drop a dime/If you a man why don’t you bitch ass niggas stand up and do your time?"

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Song: "Right On Time"

Producer: Zaytoven

Just another one of the many shots fired throughout the album; there are quotables for days. 

"Think I’m a clone but if they cut me this sauce gon’ ooze out"

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"When your rap sheet look like mine no one will hire ya/But when you sign yourself like I did, they can’t fire ya"

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Song: "Hi-Five"

Producer: CuBeatz & Metro Boomin

Lest we forget who founded 1017 Brick Squad.

"I progress then regress and this shit is getting depressing/But I count my stash ‘fore I count my blessings"

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Song: "Out The Zoo"

Producer: Drumma Boy

The full line is: "I progress then regress and this shit is getting depressing / But I count my stash ‘fore I count my blessings. / And I load my weapon ‘fore I eat my breakfast the streets keep talking and the snitches keep telling / Your whole life can change in a motherfucking second."

This entire song feels like one of the deepest glimpses into Gucci’s psyche outside of “Addicted.” From mentions of plunging into manic states to references to voices in his head, the verses waver between a deep sense of nihilism and a desire to rise above it.

"Hi my name is Gucci Mane, I’m addicted to everything/Bad bitch, fast cars, weed and promethazine"

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