Method Man Hints at 'How High' Sequel

Rapper says he's in talks to do a sequel

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Stoners rejoice. Method Man says that a sequel to his 2001 movie How High with Redman may be on the way. The rapper was asked by B-Real about the possibility in a new interview and said, “Funny you said that 'cause we got a meeting tonight, with some guys that are writers, and they’re pretty hot right now,” he said. “I don’t wanna give they resume. I’m not a name dropper. Hopefully, something will come out of that because we’re gonna crash our ideas together tonight."

Meth wants to make sure the sequel does justice to the original and sees the possibility of a franchise. "I wanna see it get done, but I wanna see it get done right. ‘Cause if we do it and we just throw it out there, it has to...or it’s gonna kill our bread. Hopefully we could springboard off that and do more you know, weed-esque movies. Like Cheech and Chong when they was doing it. You gotta have a Dazed and Confused movie every two years.” 


[via BREAL.TV and HHDX]

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