Ty Dolla $ign Goes "Stealing"

Ty Dolla $ign releases the ballad "Stealing."

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Only a week after releasing "3 Wayz," Ty Dolla $ign is letting out yet another song from his upcoming album Campaign. On Thursday night, he unleashed the ballad "Stealing." This is the fifth song Ty has put out from Campaign.

The tune features Ty mostly singing over a lone guitar, with bass, keys, and strings coming in at the end to build tension. The lyrics find him "stealing all these bitches' hearts." "I'm a criminal," he pleads. "It's not subliminal/And it's not terminal/It's emotional."

The track was produced by Ty, Dave Kuncio, and Tish Hyman.

You can hear "Stealing" above, and you can purchase it on iTunes here.

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