Snoop Dogg & Uncle Luke May Have the NFL's Next Superstars

The annual matchup between Snoop Dogg and Luther Campbell's youth football teams put the kids on the map and revitalize an infamous portion of Miami.

Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell and Snoop Dogg are both hip-hop legends. But true fans know that both men are as devoted to youth football as they are to the music game. So it only makes sense that adidas is teaming up with both stars on the occasion of their teams' annual matchup.

The company is teaching these kids needed skills, and Campbell is grateful. 

"To be able to give the kids an opportunity like this, it's just a beautiful thing," he tells Complex's Piece Simpson. "It's a diamond in the rough."

For more about adidas, youth football, and of course the big game itself, watch the video above.

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